Jeffrey Kaye, Ph.D.
844 California Street, San Francisco, CA 94108

Jeffrey S. Kaye, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist (PSY #15476) with a private practice in San Francisco, California. He has worked with individuals and couples with psychological, emotional and relational problems for over twelve years.

A  noted researcher on the subject of adult development, Dr. Kaye is also an accomplished speaker, teacher, and group leader. He is an expert in the role life transitions play in affecting our emotional well-being. He has been published in American Psychologist, and spoken at the Jeffrey Kaye, Ph.D., San Francisco Psychologist annual meeting of the Division of Psychoanalysis, American Psychological Association. A former member-at-large for the San Francisco Psychological Association, he has been active organizing mental health activities for the community, such as the annual Depression and Eating Disorder Screening days.

Locally, Dr. Kaye works with Survivors International (SI) conducting psychological evaluations and offering psychotherapy for refugees applying for political asylum in the United States. (SI is a non-profit organization providing psychological and medical treatment to survivors of torture from around the world.)

In the past, Dr. Kaye has taught History and Systems of Psychology and lectured on adult development at San Francisco Bay Area graduate schools.

During his training and professional career, Dr. Kaye has worked in various clinical settings: Kaiser (HMO), suicide prevention hotline, private practice, college counseling service, public mental health center, day treatment center, residential treatment center, and outpatient mental health clinic.

Dr. Kaye brings a rich background of life experience to his professional training. He holds an honors B.A. in History from the University of California, Berkeley. He received his doctorate in psychology from  The Wright Institute, a few blocks from the Cal campus, and was a recipient of that school's award for Outstanding Dissertation of the Year (1996).

Dr. Kaye is a member of the American Psychological Association, and of APA Division 26 (History of Psychology). (Note: As an APA member, Dr. Kaye deplores that organization's current policy supporting the use of psychologists in U.S. government facilities that do not observe international human rights law.) He can be reached directly by phone: 415-362-8262.

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